Egg or Chicken, which came first?

Millions of degens were puzzling over this question. But actually, everyone should know: it was Egg Crypto Cartel, which came first. We decided to pay tribute to these guys by sending them on an Epic Journey into the World of P2E and Metaverse.

The most exciting community-driven project where members decide where the Cartel goes!


Egg Crypto Cartel is a collection of 6666 jpEggs, it's a family, it's a Cratel. We are creating a community where each member decides which way will the project go.

There would be WL round and a Public round. Follow our Discord and Twitter for the announcements

NFT is 0.05 ETH for WL mint and 0.07 ETH for Public mint + gas which is not included.



  • Development of 2D NFT collection
  • Collection rendering

  • Marketing stage 1
  • Community building and development
  • Collaborations with friendly projects
  • Minting

  • Creating a private Discord section for NFT owners
  • Announcing new partnerships
  • Genesis airdrop for owners of 10 minted NFTS

  • Presentation of Cartel's hierarchy system
  • Development of voting system for NFT owners
  • Merch creating

  • Marketing stage 2
  • Development of limited 3D NFT collection

  • Metaverse land purchase
  • 3D NFT collection release

To be continued


"El Benedicto" -
boss's right hand

"Los Omelettos" -
Cartel Boss

"El Poacho" -
Cartel Propaganda

"El Scramblo" -
Cartel Commander

Egg Crypto Cartel